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A digital platform for you

Meet the consumer online and reach out to more

The industry is being digitalised. Now it’s your turn. SÄKER Self Storage Technology improves your online presence in a modern platform with SEO, digital advertising and a spot on storages.se. At the same time, your internal processes are streamlined when we collect everything in one place for the consumer – on your website.

SÄKER Self Storage Technology makes it easier for your potential customers to find you, book a storage, sign agreements and manage payments. At the portal storages.se, the customer can find you as a self-storage operator based on search criterias such as geography, price or if your facility has a lift or insulation. The portal also allows the user to manage their account and buy moving boxes, order insurance or rent a trailer.

Discover the benefits of the platform

Online presence

Make it easier for the consumer to find you. We SEO customise your website and make you searchable and bookable on storages.se.

Simpler booking

Avoid manual credit-score-checks and handling of agreement proposals. The platform handles everything automatically and the consumer can easily book storage directly online.

Easy payment

The digital platform makes it possible for the consumer to make payments directly on your website. You avoid all the hassles that can arise regarding payments.

All this included

  • Online Marketing – Google Ads and SEO
  • Booking feature – allows the customer to find, book and pay for a storage online
  • Listed on storages.se – become searchable and bookable on the self storage portal
  • Webshop – sell moving boxes and more
  • Back office – management of availability, contracts and customers
  • APIs for external systems – for example, financial and accounting systems

Quick & Easy

5% of the revenue in the platform

 Simple and fast installation of our inventory platform
Essential SEO walk-through
Bookable in all channels
Searchable on storages.se
Transaction fees (debit and credit card, invoices)

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2995 SEK/mo +5% of the revenue in the platform

 We build and deliver a SEO customised website
Integrated with our inventory platform
Lifetime maintenance of the website and the integration
Bookable in all channels
Searchable on storages.se
Transaction fees (debit and credit card, invoices)

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 We integrate our inventory platform on your existing website
Bookable in all channels
Searchable on storages.se
Transaction fees (debit and credit card, invoices)

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Explore the digital platform

We at SÄKER Self Storage Technology are happy to show you more of the platform. Book a demo now to see all the benefits of digitalising your self-storage business.

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The portal for the self-storage industry

Find, book and pay in one place


In addition to SEO customisation of your website, a spot on the portal  storages.se is also included. Here, the consumer can search for the most suitable self-storage operator based on personal needs. For you, it means new opportunities and new potential customers.

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Find operators

The consumer can search for self-storage operators based on everything from geographical location and price to if the storage is isolated.

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In the portal, the consumer can log in to manage account and payments. The consumer gets a complete overview and can change their information at any time.


On the portal customers can buy, for example, moving boxes and rent trailers. We want to provide the consumer with everything necessary for a smooth self-storage experience.

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E-mail: contact@sakertech.co.uk