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SÄKER Self Storage Technology is the platform for you who want to be one of the first players in the self-storage industry to digitalise their entire business and meet consumers wherever they are.

The self-storage industry is growing thanks to increased consumption and urbanisation. At the same time, more and more demands are placed on you as an operator to meet the consumer’s expectations.

So far, it has been difficult for consumers to find, book and pay for a self-storage online. For you as an operator, in some cases this means missing customers and revenue – and inefficient processes in cases where you get a new customer. It must be easier for the consumer to find, book and pay for a self-storage. The platform from SÄKER Self Storage Technology makes it easier for both, you and the consumer.

The start for SÄKER Self Storage Technology

SÄKER Self Storage Technology was founded in Sweden in 2019 by entrepreneurs Jonas Ekegren, Ulf Lundgren and Gustaf Larsson. Today we are in Sweden and the UK. Our business concept is to offer self-storage operators a platform to become available online through search, booking and payment.

One of the founders, Gustaf Larsson, has run a self-storage business himself for four years and realised both his and the industry’s need for digitalisation. In 2017 he therefore took the initiative and reached out to Jonas Ekegren and Ulf Lundgren – both with long experience in technical solutions. Together, they conducted an industry analysis to identify the challenges and ensure the intended solution was right for the industry.

Three entrepreneurs with three core competencies

The three entrepreneurs complement each other well. Gustaf with his knowledge in the self-storage industry, technology guru Ulf who worked in the IT industry for almost 20 years and, Jonas as a strategist and entrepreneur who previously founded and led the company Transticket to success – whose digital solutions were used by the largest players in the arena industry.

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